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nowego pokolenia

Norway Grants

Legal changes in Poland and UE directives necessitate higher levels of recovery and recycling in our country. The system changes will result in an increase in the amount of collected and recovered material fractions, including PET packaging. This entails growth of supply of PET bottles on the market, which can be re-used and recycled. However, it is essential to properly prepare them and ensure high-end parameters of the PET flake. Therefore, ERMAX began a project which is supported by a grant through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 under the title „Automation of PET bottles recycling line for the purpose of obtaining a high-value product“ with the support of our partners – Tomra Sorting AS and Tomra Sorting Sp. z o.o.

Implementation of the project includes the introduction of the innovative Norwegian technology of sorting, through the purchase of PET bottle and flake separators, as well as the purchase of mechanical cleaning machines. Installation of all machines will be possible through the purchase of steel structure.

ERMAX has until now implemented the project in 27% through the purchase of mechanical cleaning machines and steel construction.

We have also began the promoting campaign of the part that Norwegian Financial mechanism 2009-2014 has in funding of our project on company flyers. Their project may be seen here.

Moreover, as a part of sustainable development, we continue to promote the sorting of waste idea in kindergartens. The aim of this campaign is to promote ecological education from the earliest years and on implementing proper ecological habits. Competitions connected to ecology were organized as part of the campaign – ecological fashion show and competition for the best recycling corner. You may see the objects prepared by children here.



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